Holidays November 15, 2023

Nothing Worse Than That Awkward Feeling…

…check out 3 ways to make your holiday guests feel at home! 

The holidays bring more than good tidings. Sometimes it brings Aunt Deb or Uncle Buck. Maybe even old friends you haven’t seen in a while.

Having house guests gives you a chance to catch up and spend some good ol’ quality time with people you don’t see often. It’s a change of routine. While super fun, sometimes guests can feel a little out of place.

Have you ever stayed at someone’s home, it’s 11p.m. and you are starving?!

You don’t feel comfortable raiding their pantry but you could really use a snack!

I put together some ways to make your guests feel super special and relaxed based on my own travels. After all, a comfortable, well rested stay is best for everyone! It will make your time together so much sweeter.

  • Give Them Some Breathing Room

Not everyone likes living out of a suitcase. If you can, make a small section in the closet stocked with hangers or leave a dresser empty. This helps them feel like you were anticipating their arrival and excited about it.

  • Keep Towels in Easy Reach

Aren’t those big white Costco bath sheets the best!! Grab a few of those next time you’re out. They feel like you are at the spa! Your visitors don’t have to go towel hunting and feel just a smidge pampered. Place them on the bed or somewhere out in the open.

  • Have a Charger By the Bed

It’s the world we live in. Most people depend on their phones for everything from the alarm clock to the flashlight. But oftentimes, it’s the one thing we tend to forget to pack! Snag an extra and remove the stress of running to Target the evening your guests arrive.