Buying February 27, 2023

This Story Sends Chills Down My Spine

…and I want you to hear it.

This year I worked with a number of buyers who were sick of renting. Why? Because rent has gone up like crazy these last few years. Some clients were paying over $3,500 in rent. Once they decided to purchase a home they were surprised to find that they could actually save money each month (like a lot of money) if they owned their own home. I have one client who is currently saving $1,200 a month by paying their mortgage instead of their rent. Isn’t that crazy?!

So here’s the thing…historically, investing in real estate is the #1 way to build wealth. And it’s also one of the Top 3 New Years Resolutions EVERY YEAR along with…

Start an emergency fund 37% of Americans don’t have a fund to cover $1000! That’s a big chunk of people. Life is full of unexpected expenses and homeownership is no different. Having an emergency fund helps ensure when your water heater goes out you don’t panic!

Shop for better rates on insurance and monthly bills It’s smart to take time at least once a year and go through your expenses. Call to see if they are running specials or if you qualify for a better insurance rate. You might be leaving money on the table every month. That’s no fun! Spend that on something more fun that a cable bill.

Buy or sell a home in 2023! If this one is on your list, let’s chat!

If you have any thought of making a real estate move in 2023, we can talk through your options and a plan to get your ducks in a row. Whether that’s cleaning up credit before buying or making a list of repairs before selling, I got you!

By: Kelli Pardue