Trends April 27, 2023

2023 Home Trends

Our homes have had to evolve over the last few years post pandemic haven’t they?!

They’ve turned into spaces that require both work AND rest. I’m seeing a rise in wellness trends inside the home when I am out showing clients.

  • Indoor Garden or House Plants

It’s no secret that growing your herbs and veggies is good for your body. Did you know studies are now showing taking care of plants can increase your mood as well? Just call me the plant lady!

Indoor plants are also linked to having a huge effect on air quality. Plants in your home convert carbon dioxide into new oxygen and help purify the air. Bring on the green!

  • Bringing the Spa Vibes Home

More and more homeowners are making their primary spaces feel like a place to retreat. White walls are making a come back! Anything that denotes bright, airy, and calm are trending!

Clean lines and soft textures are no longer just for the spa. Salt lamps have also been on the rise for a few years in our every day spaces.

Whatever brings the zen, I am here for it!

  • Strategic lighting to lighten your mood.

Lighting has a way of influencing our wellbeing. Using natural light can help your body soak up those vitamins and has been proven to help regulate your sleep!

Some recent studies have actually found that green light promotes sleep the most and blue light helps you relax and wind down quicker.

Be on the lookout for these trends in 2023! Are you incorporating any new wellness trends in your home this year?

If you’d rather just go to the actual spa I have some recommendations for that too! Ha!! That sounds good right about now doesn’t it?

Go get you a house plant and turn on some lights! Might just change your life.